Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our History

Atop Twin Church Hill, our church was founded in 1853 as a Union Church of the Franckeon Synod. In 1882 the church became associated with the United Lutheran Church in America, and the Rev. John Young was installed as pastor.

When the church was renovated in 1906-1907 and moved 40 feet west to its new and present location, it became known as St. Mark’s Lutheran Church. Subsequently the current name was adopted.

The renovation saw the addition of a metal ceiling, wainscoting, the new chandelier, a new furnace, and brick veneer, among other improvements.

The many ministers of this rural church usually served at least one other congregation as well, including at times Lassellsville, Oppenheim, St. Johnsville, and Starkville.

Now, in 2009 we find it necessary to complete the first chapter of our history and continue into the future.

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